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Kate Tempest


Elsie Edgerton-Till


Jack Crumlin, Eliza Scott, David Harrison

Sound Designer:

Tegan Nicholls

Production Designer: 

Tyler Ray Hawkins

Lighting Designer:

Nicholas Fry

Dialect Coach:



Jess Pantano, Michelle Sverdloff

& Bella Debbage for The Kings Collective

Assistant Director

Bella Debbage

Stage Manager

Jess Bell

 Spoken Word Performances curated by Word Travels

Spoken Word Performances curated by Word Travels



Director's Notes:

This is it.

Time to wake up.

In her first play, performance poet, rapper and novelist Kate Tempest’s characters stare down the empty bottle of their own grey routine, asking it to give them more. As they march into adulthood these three friends are being consumed by the  unpaid bills, the commute on the bus, the pub quizzes, the nightly news, the new shoes and the accumulated disappointment in themselves and others. Today they are ready to change things. This is it.

But time is running out. For some of them, it already has. In Wasted, Kate Tempest has captured the essence of a generation. A generation caught between action and inertia.

Wasted is an exploration of the theatrical form. Lyrical language and character driven dialogue collide to build a work without a single fixed climax. Rather, Tempest leaves us with an honest call to arms. A plea she repeats throughout her written and performance work: a call to take action in our own lives. To wake up to the life we are living; to the time we are wasting. Right now. 

I would like to thank my capital cast, creative and production teams for bringing Wasted to life.

- elsie edgerton-till, Director


Cecelia Peters, Peter Rubie, Linda Nicholls-Gidley, Felix Kulakowski, Simon Croker, AFTRS, Hermione at Bloomsbury Publishing, Charlotte Swinburne, Philip Erbacher, Michael Giunta, Corey Potter, Emma White, Ben & Joe from The Factory Theatre


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